Patient Resources

Category Organization Link
Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimer's Disease Education & Referral
Arthritis/Rheumatology Arthritis Foundation
Cardiovascular Cardio VIP
Cancer American Cancer Society
Cancer American Institute for Cancer Research
Cancer National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations
Children's Health American Academy of Pediatrics
Children's Health Child Health and Safety
Children's Health Kids' Source
Children's Health National SafeKids Organization
Children's Health Parents' Place
Diabetes American Diabetes Association
General American Medical Association
General CDC Traveler's Information Page
General Center for Disease Control
General National Institute of Health
Heart Disease American Heart Association
Heart Disease Heart Information Network
Kidney National Kidney Foundation
Men's Health American Prostate Society
Mental Health Mental Health Network
Mental Health National Alliance for Mentally Ill
Mental Health National Attention Deficit Disorders Assoc.
Mental Health National Depression and Manic-Depression Assn
Neurology/Headaches American Council for Headache Education
Neurology/Headaches National Headache Foundation
Osteoporosis Foundation for Osteoporosis Research/Education
Pulmonary American Lung Association
Rehabilitation Airrosti
Sleep Disorders American Sleep Apnea Association
Sleep Disorders National Sleep Foundation
Sports/Fitness American Council on Exercise
Urological Disorders American Urological Association
Urological Disorders National Association for Incontinence
Weight Control American Dietetic Association
Weight Control American Institute of Nutrition
Weight Control North American Association for the Study of Obesity
Weight Control Overeaters Anonymous
Women's Health American College of OB/GYN
Women's Health National Women's Health Resource Center
Women's Health North American Menopause Society